Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Syphon

    Andy Blooman

    Syphon has played Counterstrike for 9 years, soon to be 10; playing for various different community teams starting with Counterstrike Source. He has attended various different LAN parties and have finished well at a couple, most notably 7/8th finish at i51 with IWT. Syphon has attended the following LANs: i35, i36, i41, i42, i43, i44, i45, i46, i48, i49, i50 (9-12th), i51 (7/8th), i52 (13-16th)  Epic 9 Frag-O-Matic (Belgium)   Favourite weapon is the AK47 Favourite team is Ninjas In Pijamas...Read More

  • BiGz

    Joe Evans

    Joe has been playing competitive games since 2004 on console with various titles (PS2 Online and PS3) and stopped playing console in 2009. He decided to move onto PC gaming after finding competitive Counter-Strike. Struggling to find a team from 2009-2013, he moved onto casting CS:GO Semi-Professionally. Casting made him miss playing and decided to return late 2014 to play CS:GO....Read More

  • orcl

    Oliver Stubley

    Oliver has been playing competitive Counter-Strike for the best part of six years, however most recently his time has been spent creating eSports content. After working at the top of the field for the best publications and organisations, he is now back to playing and looking to pick up where he left off....Read More

  • nS

    Andrew Barker

    Andrew has been playing competitive Counter-Strike and attending LAN events since 2010. After playing in various different teams he decided to take upon the role as in game leader and attempt to make his own team. ...Read More

  • Atlantis

    Tom Illingworth

    Tom has been playing CS since 1999. He played in various UK leagues in 1.6 including theSGL and ESL Pro Series. After taking a couple of years break after the fall of 1.6 he started playing CS:GO early in 2014 and is now looking to return to top UK CS....Read More