Friday and Saturday of I56!

Sun 13th Dec 2015 - 1:33am : Gaming : General

The #CAZARMY are at Insomnia 56 in Birmingham and have been popping heads all weekend long so far! The group play is when we showed our most dominant performances by winning against:

In groups:

Adidos with a score of 16-2!

DanSTAG with a score of 16-1!

Project 5 with a score of 16-4!

Team.Pink with a score of 16-4!

We also beat TeamRX and 2SeXeH Spartans!



Ministry with a score of 16-3!

FM-eSports with a score of 16-13 and 16-10!

Monumentails with a score of 16-10, 8-16 and 16-0

OnlineBOTS (TheLastResort) 14-16, 16-12 and a Forfit map win due to TLR Stream watching!


This means we will be going into the winner’s final of i56 with a 1 map advantage! The potential opponents at the time of writing this article is:

  • FM-eSports
  • uFrag
  • Infused
  • CeX
  • OnlineBots
  • Monumentalis



If your enjoying our road to i56 success, follow us to get more information!

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