• itsMNSTR

    Josh McCarthy

    Josh has been in eSports for 7 years. Although he started playing Call of Duty and FIFA, he soon moved to the management side by owning the infamous 'view' before rebranding to 'Insight' he has been heavily involved with the Halo scene since the start of the year and will be looking to take his team to the top of the European scene under CAZ and hoping to compete in the Halo Championship Series in the United States, within the next 3 years....Read More

  • Flamez

    Daniel Young

    Dan started playing Halo back in 2007 and has been playing religiously since. He is the Captain of the Halo team and considers himself the objective player on the team. Dan has won 1 European event as well as some other solid placements. Dan considers himself very much a team player and does not mind doing the 'dirty work' in game to allow his teammates to shine around him....Read More

  • Snakey

    Arkel Brown

    Arkel has been playing halo since 2008 but only been playing competively since 2012, Arkel has attended multiple events and has back to back event wins. ...Read More

  • Vard

    Ed Burrows

    Ed has been playing Halo for over 10 years now and throughout this time has competed at the highest level and competed against the best players in Europe on a regular basis, he is a veteran of the Halo LAN scene and brings a wealth of experience to the team....Read More

  • Godshot

    Liam Healy

    Liam, from Birmingham goes by the name Godshot. Liam is 24 and has been competing in competitive gaming since 2008. He started off as a competitive Gears of War player but made the switch over to Halo in 2013 when he attended i49. Liam has very respectable placements including numerous top 3 finishes. ...Read More

  • Adz

    Adam Malvern

    Adam has played halo for a number of years, whilst playing he has gained respect and trust with everyone within the community, he competed under Josh before moving into the coaching role and now plays a massive part with the media side of the halo team. From coaching to recording event footage, Adam is a very important member to the halo team....Read More